Wednesday, February 13, 2008

IBM ServRaid-7k "Wrong SCSI controller found - 3E22"

Found this error when install the IBM ServRaid-7k

Wrong SCSI controller found - 3E22

The problem is related to the on-board HostRAID. We have to disable the the on-board HostRAID first. Press "Ctrl-A" during bootup and use the SCSI utility to diable HostRAID

If you want to switch back to the HostRAID from ServRaid-7k. You have to enable the SCSI device manually in the BIOS since it will be disabled automatically after the ServRaid-7k is removed; otherwise, not even the SCSI will work.


Anonymous said...

I have the 346 too, disabled the ServRaid with the ambition to install OpenSolaris. No dice, the build in host raid wasn't supported either. Now I wanted to reinstall the ServRAID but i got this error. Now I can't pres CTRL+A as You suggested, I have the CTRL+I (miniconf for the servRaid) and F1 for the usual boring stuff that doesn't bring me closer to home... Suggestions?

B. Morriss said...

The solution is to remove the ServeRAID 7K adapter, reboot the system and enter CMOS Setup, restore factory defaults, save and exit and reboot the system. The CTRL-A prompt should re-appear. Once in SCSI setup disable Host-Raid for both channels, then save and exit.
Power down the server and re-install the ServeRAID 7k adapter. Power the system back up and the ServeRAID 7k adapter should now load properly.

Kabe Ludo said...

Ok, switching between ServeRaid 7k and onboard HOST-RAID is easy, the problem is when i disable HostRaid and install ServeRaid 7k controller, it doesn't detect any controllers or 'new locations'