Monday, March 21, 2011

IE9 keep prompting "Internet Explorer has stopped working"

   Your newly installed IE9 keep prompting "Internet Explorer has stopped working" and IE is unusable!

Solution worked for me ( I am using Vista):
  • Kill the IE with Task Manager
  • Open Control panel. Click on Internet Options. Then select the Advanced tab. Right on the top you will see an Item Accelerated Graphics, check "Use Software Rendering Instead"
If this does not work for you, try something else here.

In the worst case, you can uninstall IE 9 and fallback to your pervious version by following the procedure described here 


Brian Lock said...

IE9 stopped working. Graphics the issue Spot on with solution. Thanks for info

Brian Lock

palas said...

finaly a solution-i've tried everything,even reinstalation-thanks a lot

Paul Davies said...

The "accelerated graphics" solution worked perfectly for me (Vista + IE9). Many thanks!!!